Finding a Job Sucks

Finding a Job Sucks: Shenanigans at Frankel Staffing

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stamping lady2

Finding a Job Sucks: The Stamping Lady

I realized I needed a job last October. It’s almost been a year since I embarked on this nightmare called job hunting. One of the very first jobs I applied for was a for a company called Catherine Pooler Designs. When I applied her company was called Catherine Pooler, LLC.

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Short Fiction

Dry yard


Reporters are trained to develop a sixth sense, a nose for when a story smells fishy. And something about this one wasn’t right. First of all, Tom Sutherford’s wife Rosa was missing, but all of her belongings were where she left them. She didn’t take any money out of their

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Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

Peace of Midnight

The wind whispered through the dark, empty trees like a warning in a foreign language. Winter was coming, and with winter came shadows. Long nights. Endless journeys through the long, dark halls of my mind. I stared out of my solitary window facing the barren orchard. The few leaves left

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Movement and Inertia

“How did you know?” I ask, not sure I want the answer. I thought I had been careful. I thought Minnie felt only my feigned support and cheerfulness. “I don’t know,” she shrugs. “Just a feeling.” Blurred asphalt and weeds fill my eyes. A dilapidated farm house in the distance.

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Self Care

Why Self-Care is Vital to Your Wellbeing

The salad you see pictured below was my dinner last night. It was so beautiful, I had to take a picture. The mixture of colors, textures, and aromas promised to be a treat to my eagerly awaiting stomach. Before I could dig into this plate of heaven, I had been

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Understanding the Introverted Creative

Quiet Creativity The topic of introversion has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Personality tests, such as the seminal Myers-Briggs personality assessment, are more popular than ever before, as they give people insight into the workings of their inner lives. Susan Cain’s Quiet explores the introvert world along

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