47 Affirmations for Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellness are my heritage.
I glow with health and vitality.
I feel boundless with energy.
I love feeling healthy and strong.
I enjoy making healthy choices.
I nourish myself with healing foods every day that satisfy and totally heal my mind and body.
I deserve and accept vibrant health and wellness into my life right now.
I love myself completely and take excellent care of my mind and body.
I am completely relaxed and my mind and body is peaceful and calm.
My lifestyle promotes health and wellbeing.
I practice self-care.
I enjoy treating myself well.
I feel great when I take care of myself.
I choose joy.
I choose peace.
I choose friends who uplift me.
I choose friends who align with my values.
I choose work that fulfills me.
I choose work that aligns with my values.
I choose activities that inspire me.
I enjoy moving my body.
I choose foods that nourish me.
I enjoy fruits and vegetables.
I delight in healing energy.
Healing and light fills me through and through.
I rest peacefully every night knowing that my body is healing and rejuvenating while I sleep.
I am co-creator with God.
I create my reality.
I create the body that I want.
I create the life that I want.
I find humor and joy in every circumstance.
Love is the key to my health and wellness.
I am grateful for my healthy body.
I love life.
I love every cell of my body.
Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing.
I take brisk walks in the sunshine to invigorate my body and soul.
I am pain free and totally in sync with life.
I am at home in my body. All is well.
Wellness is the natural state of my body.
I am at one with the very power that created me.
My mind and body are in perfect balance.
I am a harmonious being.
I take in and give out nourishment in perfect balance.
My body takes me everywhere easily and effortlessly.
I feel glorious dynamic energy.
I am active and alive.