Affirmations to Attract Positive Friendships



I have loved and cherished friends.

My friends love and cherish me.

I make friends easily and effortlessly.

I have healthy, balanced friendships.

I am a supportive friend.

I love my friends.

I help my friends.

I give to my friends.

I am worthy of good friends.

I am worthy of loving friends.

I am worthy of loyal and faithful friends.

I am worthy of kind friends.

I have positive, uplifting friends.


I have successful friends.

My friends accept me unconditionally.

I accept my friends unconditionally.

My friends support me.

My friends listen to me.

My friends value my insights.

My friends respect me.

People seek out my friendship.

Kind people are drawn to me.

Happy people are drawn to me.

I fit in.

The friends I desire, desire me.[/one-half]

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