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What is life without opinions? I have plenty of them, and I share them here. Some you might agree with, many you probably won’t. I do try to share opinions that are informed and well thought out, but we might diverge at some of my conclusions.

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Goodbye, for Now

I started this blog in 2016. Back then, I got on the blogging for money and KDP bandwagons in hopes of quitting my job and pursuing a more satisfying, self-directed, creative life. So many things have happened since I began this blog. I wrote a book, made a viral Youtube video, started dancing again, became

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Friendship Challenges

I’m beginning to realize that I have some deep-seated insecurities surrounding friendships. Right now, I don’t really have any friends. Part of it is because of circumstance and part is by design. The truth is, I’m never really sure where I stand with people. It seems like most people don’t really like me and don’t

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I’m a Failure

At the age of 42, I didn’t think I’d be unmarried and living at home. By this time, I was sure that I would be married, living in my own home, and with one or two teenaged kids. And a cat, of course. Well, I have a cat. I’m just missing the other stuff. In

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Affiliate Marketing Disguised as an Online Course

Selling Infopreneur dreams At the start of 2016, I restarted my blogging journey after abandoning my old Blogger site. I recreated a new lifestyle blog on WordPress (this one) and was eager to start writing blog posts, sell some sort of product, grow my email list, make big money, and live the infopreneur dream.  I

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Bible Stories that had Me Shook

I’m trying to remember what inspired me to write this blog post. I think it was a Youtube video. As always, I’ve been contemplating my spiritual life, and in particular, my Christian past. At the height of my religious devotion, I thought of my self as an avid reader of the Bible. I had memorized portions

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How-Leaving-Church-healed me

How Leaving the Church Healed Me

This is my second attempt at writing this article. I tried to write it about two years ago, but I chickened out. I was still in contact with friends who attended church and had a strong Christian faith. I didn’t want them to know how far I had “fallen” or cause any undue concern. But

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What I Hate about (Some) Married Women

What I hate about (some) married women… This write-up might never see the light of day. I’m not even going to try to be diplomatic. In my experience, (some) married women have a tendency to: Be smug. Look down on single women. Think they are better than single women. Treat single women like children. Think

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Why You Need a Life Coach

  TOO MANY IDEAS, TOO LITTLE FOCUS I’m a woman of many ideas, and I wear many hats–sometimes too many! I love to explore, experiment, and try out different things. That’s why I have what seems like a gazillion hobbies and interests, which this blog reflects. And I love it all! My challenge has been

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