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From the Vault | Crystal Lewis: See

 I Just Don’t “See” It [Originally posted on, June 7, 2005] Is it me, or does Crystal Lewis sound whinier ever than before? I was a true Crystal Lewis fan when I heard her song “Beauty of the Cross.” I fell in love with her then soulful voice. Beauty for Ashes and Gold are

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From the Vault | Lisa McClendon: My Diary, Your Life

Neo-Soul at its Best [Originally posted on, June 7, 2005] Lisa McClendon’s debut album, My Diary, Your Life, is truly a masterpiece. You can actually listen to this album without skipping. The lyrics are deep, insightful, and full of anointing, truly. This album has caused me to listen to gospel music differently. Lisa avoids

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From the Vault | Lisa McClendon: Soul Music

Neo-Soul and Polished Praise [Originally posted on, June 7, 2005] Lisa McClendon’s Soul Music is much more polished with better musical quality and production than her last effort. I gave this album four stars because it is not flawless. As much as I love songs about family conflict, “Stuck (Love’s Anthem)” is really as

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From the Vault | V3 (Self-Titled)

The Junior Virtue is Here! [Originally posted on, December 13, 2006] Arguably the younger version of Virtue, V3 burst on the gospel music scene this summer as a fresh-faced trio of sisters from Atlanta. LaToya, Shelley, and Sacha Vinson aim “to be real” with young listeners through their debut album, which is a blend

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Coko Grateful

From the Vault | Coko: Grateful

The Coko is a Little Lukewarm I was 14 years old (!) when Sisters With Voices (SWV) came onto the scene in 1992 with their fresh sound and tight harmonies. They were the younger, hipper version of En Vogue. They were like the older sisters you looked up to, singing of love, lust, and infatuation

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Deitrick Haddon 7 Days

From the Vault | Deitrick Haddon: 7 Days

7 is the Number of Perfection [Originally posted on, December 13, 2006] Deitrick Haddon seems to be on a roll musically and artistically these days. I’m not an ardent fan of his music, but I thoroughly enjoy his current offerings, which usually seem to gravitate toward trendy R&B with a gospel twist. From Live

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Men of Standard Surrounded

From the Vault | Men of Standard: Surrounded

Surrounded by Mediocrity? [Originally posted on, December 13, 2006] I’ve never been a big fan of Men of Standard. I had a college friend who used to salivate over them, but I was more into Commissioned and its spin-offs for phenomenal lyrics and multi-part harmony. It’s pretty clear that harmony is not MOS’s strongest

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Izzy In Awe of You

From the Vault | Izzy: In Awe of You

Izzy’s Album is not Awe-Inspiring [Originally posted on, December 13, 2006] I really agonized over this review for a couple of days concerning what I would say about this album. I’ve read many reviews of this album, and all of the reviews gave In Awe of You a positive review. I wonder if these

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From the Vault | Virtue: Testimony

Virtue Get the Darkchild Treatment on Testimony I’m not sure how to characterize this new Virtue album. They certainly got the Darkchild treatment on this outing, for better or for worse. Darkchild is okay, but their songs always have an over-produced, tin can, electronic, synth sound, which can get old fast. One song here and

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