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I hate work and don’t really care to have a career, which probably explains why I am where I am in life at this moment! I never wanted to be a “career woman.” I believe in having a life’s work, which for me can be fluid and every shifting depending on life’s circumstances and what I’m focused on.

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I Joined the Great Resignation and Escaped a Toxic Workplace

Honestly, I think I’ve given up on finding a decent workplace in either corporate or nonprofit. My experiences at my last three jobs were severely marred by some of the most unpleasant people and their toxic behavior. At this point, I don’t ever want to enter another workplace again, remotely or in-office. I don’t want

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Finding A Job Sucks: Take Me to the Symphony

What Drew Me to this Job The job was a major gifts and gift planning coordinator position. I applied for this job in December 2018 because working for the North Carolina Symphony sounded interesting, and I figured with my 10 years in development, I could at least get an interview. Before I even had a

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Finding a Job Sucks: Are Networking Groups Useful?

I’ll tell you straight up—I don’t find networking groups or events to be that great. As an introvert, I find networking event pretty terrifying. I think I’d rather gouge my eyes out than go to a networking event. Okay, maybe not that bad, but close enough. People tout networking as the answer to the unemployment

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Finding a Job Sucks: Is an Aspiring Freelancer Fit for Office Life?

My answer to this question is: no.  There’s a reason you fled office life and cubicle hell. There’s a reason you eschew office politics, group think, and fake camaraderie. You have a different vision for your life. One that includes creativity, freedom of thought, meaningful interpersonal interactions, and quality work that fulfills your soul. You

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Finding a Job Sucks: A Dislocated Tech Company

I think this entry will be the last of this variety for a while. Mostly because I haven’t had any interviews in a while that are worth writing about. In August or September, I interviewed for this company called Sanmita.  The founder and CEO was looking for a web content editor or a digital content

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Finding a Job Sucks: The Dreary Haven for Children

I wish I knew where to begin with this episode. This job seemed so promising. Haven House Services was looking for a marketing/communications/development somebody or other to join their team in downtown Raleigh.  The pay was only $18/hour part-time. But I was desperate and thought I stood a chance with my background in development and

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Finding a Job Sucks: Community College English Instructor

Returning to my English Roots Somewhere along the way of my job search, I thought about why I was failing at getting an office job. I think, subconsciously, I didn’t (and still don’t) want another office job. Though I would argue that office-type jobs offer more stability and usually more benefits, I’ve already done that

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Finding a Job Sucks: Buyer’s Remorse

On the day of this post, I just got out of an interview with Kohl’s. I’m typing this up in Panera Bread, and the music is so loud! Because of my dire economic circumstances (desperation), I have resorted to applying for retail positions.  Kohl’s seemed reasonable enough. I applied. The process was uber easy. I

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Finding a Job Sucks: A Dislocated Design Company

I believe this is the only account in the series where I didn’t make it past the phone interview. This job-finding tale is significant because of how horrible the phone interview was. It really exemplifies how some employers really don’t know how the hell to conduct a productive interview. They think if they ambush the applicant

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