Finding a Job Sucks

The Finding a Job Sucks series chronicles my misadventures through unemployment. I explore my mountains and valleys through the process in detail as a method of catharsis and resentful pettiness.  2018 has been one of the most difficult years of my life. No sense in sugar-coating it. You will not find any uplifting stories, pithy sayings, or inspirational lessons here. Just real life and the real shit I’ve been going through. Cheers.


Finding A Job Sucks: Take me to the Symphony

What Drew Me to this Job The job was a major gifts and gift planning coordinator position. I applied for this job in December 2018 because working for the North Carolina Symphony sounded interesting, and I figured with my 10 years in development, I could at least get an interview. Before I even had a

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Finding a Job Sucks: Are Networking Groups Useful?

I’ll tell you straight up—I don’t find networking groups or events to be that great. As an introvert, I find networking event pretty terrifying. I think I’d rather gouge my eyes out than go to a networking event. Okay, maybe not that bad, but close enough. People tout networking as the answer to the unemployment

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Finding a Job Sucks: Is an Aspiring Freelancer Fit for Office Life?

My answer to this question is: no.  There’s a reason you fled office life and cubicle hell. There’s a reason you eschew office politics, group think, and fake camaraderie. You have a different vision for your life. One that includes creativity, freedom of thought, meaningful interpersonal interactions, and quality work that fulfills your soul. You

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Finding a Job Sucks: A Dislocated Tech Company

I think this entry will be the last of this variety for a while. Mostly because I haven’t had any interviews in a while that are worth writing about. In August or September, I interviewed for this company called Sanmita.  The founder and CEO was looking for a web content editor or a digital content

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Finding a Job Sucks: The Dreary Haven for Children

I wish I knew where to begin with this episode. This job seemed so promising. Haven House Services was looking for a marketing/communications/development somebody or other to join their team in downtown Raleigh.  The pay was only $18/hour part-time. But I was desperate and thought I stood a chance with my background in development and

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Finding a Job Sucks: Community College English Instructor

Returning to my English Roots Somewhere along the way of my job search, I thought about why I was failing at getting an office job. I think, subconsciously, I didn’t (and still don’t) want another office job. Though I would argue that office-type jobs offer more stability and usually more benefits, I’ve already done that

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Finding a Job Sucks: Buyer’s Remorse

On the day of this post, I just got out of an interview with Kohl’s. I’m typing this up in Panera Bread, and the music is so loud! Because of my dire economic circumstances (desperation), I have resorted to applying for retail positions.  Kohl’s seemed reasonable enough. I applied. The process was uber easy. I

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Finding a Job Sucks: A Dislocated Design Company

I believe this is the only account in the series where I didn’t make it past the phone interview. This job-finding tale is significant because of how horrible the phone interview was. It really exemplifies how some employers really don’t know how the hell to conduct a productive interview. They think if they ambush the applicant

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Finding a Job Sucks: Shenanigans at Frankel Staffing

In February 2018, after a couple of misfires in my job search, and after the disappointment of not getting the job at Arts Together, I figured going to a staffing agency would be a smart move and would give me a better chance in securing a job. I’ve had relatively good experiences with staffing agencies

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