FLIP THRU & CHAT | BTS (방탄소년단) NOW 1 in Thailand

Wow. I adore this photobook and DVD so much. I purchased Now 1 in Thailand from eBay for $79, used. But it was so worth it, and it came in really good condition.

I don’t mind buying things used if I really want them and they are in excellent condition. I couldn’t be happier with this particular purchase.

I really want to get my hands on Now 2 in Europe and America, but it’s going for $184.00 on eBay. That’s a price drop from a previous vendor who was selling the DVD for $399. Yikes! I’m a BTS fan, but seriously. That old price was really over the top. I promised myself I would purchase the $184.00 copy if I got a new job. Well, I got the new job, but I still can’t bring myself to plunk down the money. We’ll see…

Back to Now 1 in Thailand. We get to see baby BTS in this collection. And how cute is that? I specifically appreciate the Jin/Jimin pictures in the first part of the book, as they are my biases. 😘

Being an Army that came into the fandom in 2016, I appreciate the older collections of photos and videos of the group, because it helps me catch up on what I missed. When I view their old content, I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on so much.

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