FLIP THRU & CHAT | BTS (방탄소년단) Skool Luv Affair

In the third installment of my Flip Thru & Chat series, BTS edition, we run back in time to BTS’s third mini album Skool Luv Affair. My personal favorites include in the intro, “어디에서 왔는지? (Where Did You Come From?),” “Just One Day(하루만),” “Cypher 2,” and “JUMP.”

Though this release doesn’t top my list for favorite BTS albums, I’m in love with the hip hop and R&B vibe. The album is short, but it feels substantive because all of the tracks very strong musically and lyrically. I appreciate the choreography of this period: simpler, precise, and very masculine.

I really love the styling in this era. This is when we graciously blessed with RM’s iconic blond pompadour.

Bonus Video: “Boy In Luv” LA Version

This version of “Boy In Luv,” directed by rapper and producer Warren G for the 2014 MNET reality show American Hustle Life, will go down in history as the closest BTS ever got to black women! 🤣😍 Seriously, the show made me a believer. I had not seen them interact with black women in such a positive way, I probably would have never stanned them.

Another bonus, check out this clip to see what happened to the lovely ladies who starred in the video.

Also worth noting, these two ladies’ account of meeting BTS in 2014 during the American Hustle Life filming is hilarious and will bring a smile to your face. 😊

Check out the videos and let me know your comments below!

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