Hanbok Modeling at the Raleigh Korean Festival

My friend and I had a blast modeling modern-style hanboks at the 2018 Raleigh Korean Festival. I felt like a total princess in my royal blue and lime gown.

The second annual Raleigh Korean Festival 2018 was a huge success, boasting amazing performances, traditional Korean food, and a crowd numbering in the thousands.

How I got involved is one of those funny serendipitous circumstances. At the time I’d been studying Korean for a little over a year and am a part of the local Korean language meetup. On a whim, I attended a conversation meet up that originally I wasn’t even going to attend. Mostly because of the distance, and I didn’t feel like driving. But at the last minute, I decided to go anyway. Besides, La Farm Bakery serves up some delicious espresso.

At the end of our conversation lesson, a couple of us stayed around to chat. Our teacher asked my friend and me if we would be interested in modeling hanboks at the upcoming Korean Festival.

Of course!

Lengthy rehearsals

Hanbok fittings and runway rehearsals began a few weeks after. We rehearsed our walks over and over again. Most of the models walked to traditional Korean music, but the last five of us, who were not Korean, modeled “contemporary” hanboks and walked to Big Bang’s “Flower Road.” Everyone looked so beautiful and regal in their traditional and contemporary hanboks.

The rehearsals for the festival were lengthy and required us to walk our imaginary catwalk several times. Luckily, they fed us! We also practiced once through at the venue.

Festival photo gallery

See some select images from the day of the festival. The festival’s second year attracted a record-breaking crowd and featured traditional Korean dancing and drumming, Kpop singing and dancing competitions, taekwondo exhibitions, and of course the hanbok fashion show. Take a look below!

Bonus clip: Watch me sashay to big bang’s “flower road”

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