What I Hate about (Some) Married Women

What I hate about (some) married women…

This write-up might never see the light of day. I’m not even going to try to be diplomatic.

In my experience, (some) married women have a tendency to:

  • Be smug.
  • Look down on single women.
  • Think they are better than single women.
  • Treat single women like children.
  • Think being married makes them “special.”
  • Think being married makes them “mature.”
  • Think being married elevates them in some way.
  • Think they are smarter, better, more valuable than single women.
  • See themselves as being higher in status than single women.
  • Forget what it was like to be single, even if they’ve only been married for a month.
  • Think being married makes them an expert at relationships, even if they’ve been married or remarried for a very short time.
  • Just be plain insufferable.

Women who label themselves as Christian are the worst because the church indoctrinates them to see themselves as higher than they actually are. For these women, marriage is a “ministry.” It’s a mission. A calling. It’s their special spiritual assignment from god. It’s their very reason for being on this earth who reside in the valleys of purposelessness. Once they are married, they see themselves on this elevated spiritual plateau looking down on everyone else. They have ascended the highest heights: marriage. They have arrived. For them, marriage was probably like a second conversion, another born again experience.

There’s this one lady I followed on Youtube. She has three channels, one of which is a relationship advice channel which I used to follow but don’t anymore. She gives out advice to single women about dating and what have you, but something about her tone is so off-putting and even hateful. Like on some level, she actually despises single women. There’s an edge to her advice that reeks of disdain. Maybe because she herself hated being single and projects that onto her audience. Who knows? She seems to think that single women are sad, desperate, and socially inept, finding solace and companionship from our hoard of cats. I have one cat, thank you! I had a married friend who at one point had three cats. No one was calling her a crazy cat lady because she was married. But my having one cat is a problem.

I hate how I’ve been treated by some married women. They always think their time is more important than mine. They expect me to accommodate their schedules. Their priorities are more pressing and significant than mine. My friendship is very low on their list of priorities. They might even see me as an “escape” from family life. A diversion. Entertainment. But they don’t really value me as a person because they don’t see unmarried women as whole persons. I’m only a partial person to them. An incomplete entity. Therefore, I am less valuable and more disposable.

It’s even weirder when married women who are younger than me treat me like a clueless idiot. I had a coworker I tried to be friends with whom I truly suspected looked down on me. This lady was nine years my junior but treated me like was her younger sister. I made the mistake of sharing some of my dating mishaps, and it was downhill from there. I think she only tolerated me because I befriended her and made an effort to be friends with her. Otherwise, we would have never had any interactions. And maybe that would have been for the best.

For these reasons, and others I haven’t mentioned, I have very few married friends. Currently, I probably have two that I am in regular contact with. And they’re not really friends, more like associates. But I can be around them because they don’t throw their marriages in my face every time we talk. And they don’t make me feel bad for being single. They talk about their husbands, but not in the insufferably fawning manner some past married associates did. But they don’t denigrate their husbands or their marriages either. They just seem to understand balance and what kind of conversation is appropriate for certain audiences. In other words, I don’t feel alienated or defensive when I’m around them.

This post isn’t written that well and doesn’t even have a proper conclusion—and I don’t care.

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