Mini Haul & Unboxing | Red Velvet Various Albums

My first ever mini haul!

This is my first ever mini haul, or haul of any sort. I’m beginning my Red Velvet collection and wanted to start with their most recent album (at that moment) the Reve Festival Day 1. I purchased the Seulgi version, and I also bought my two favorite albums: The Velvet (2016) and The Perfect Velvet (2017).

Actually, I bought The Perfect Velvet by mistake. I meant to buy The Perfect Red Velvet, which is a repackage of the former. The repackage has “Bad Boy” and some song called “All Right” that I always skip. I’m pretty disappointed, as you can hear in the video, but it’s okay. I’ll just buy The Perfect Red Velvet later on. I still have a CD I downloaded from that I can listen to. I just wanted to have the official album package since I love the album so much.

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased The Velvet, which features one of my most favorite Red Velvet songs: “One of These Nights.” The song is so amazing, I decided to learn it for a Korean festival singing competition. I never made it to the competition because I had a dance performance that same day. but I did learn 95% of the song. There are just a few parts I still struggle with, but I vow to finish. The mini album also has two other great songs: “Cool, Hot, Sweet Love” and “Light Me Up,” both of which I’m learning. I have “Light Me Up” about 50% memorized.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.

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