Unboxing | Red Velvet Summer Magic

Honestly, I bought it for the Game

I don’t know much about Red Velvet’s Summer Magic (2018) album. I just knew I wanted to get it because of the fun diorama kit you get with each member version. I purchased Wendy’s version, and I couldn’t be happier.

Super imaginative packaging

Even without being as familiar with the songs besides “Power Up,” Summer Magic gets an A+ for the packaging alone. The slipcover with a picture of Wendy is super cute. The box is square, thick, and feels substantial. The album is neatly tucked away at the bottom of the box, and the lyrics/credits folder is cleverly laid out like a recipe book.

But the most fascinating and fun feature of Summer Magic is the diorama set that comes with a dozen chipboard pieces you can insert into a slotted platform to create a summery scene featuring your Red Velvet member. The idea is ingenious and makes this much more than just another album; it’s an interactive game that enhances the experience of the album.

In addition to the sound, Red Velvet introduces a tactile dimension to experiencing their music. This level of package design and interactive gameplay is pretty cool for Kpop and virtually unheard of in the western pop industry.

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